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Frequently Asked Questions

How many homes will there be?

There will be a total of 71 homesites.

How much is the condo fee?

The monthly condo fee is $xxx/month. This includes lawn maintenance and snow removal for each residence, public water and irrigation for the community, maintenance of shared septic system, maintenance of all amenities, master insurance policy, and other administrative fees.
*Condo fee is subject to change. 

What will the taxes be?

The 2024 tax rate in Brentwood is $xxx, and the town will assess the property value after closing. The equalization rate in Brentwood is 93.4% which means the town is assessing the property at roughly 93.4% of the market value. Any further questions regarding taxes and assessments can be directed to the town Selectmen's office. 

What is the status of construction?

Site work has begun and we are preparing to launch Phase 1!

What is a lot premium?

Lot premiums are an additional one-time fee that may apply to certain homesites based on their desirability, location, or other characteristics. Lot premiums are determined by the Builder and Sales Team, and are listed in the marketing package. The lot premium, if applicable, will be added to the base price of the house plan chosen to total the purchase price of the home. 

Are there any other house plans available to build?

No, the house plans listed on the Floor Plans page are the only house plans being offered in this community.

Will there be wells and private septics?

This community will be serviced by public water provided by Rockingham County. The septic system will feature community leach fields. 

Are pets allowed?

Yes! Household pets are allowed, but no other animals are permitted. Household pets must be accompanied by a person or on a leash when outside. 

Will these homes have basements?

Yes! Each home will have a full basement, with either a walk-out or bulkhead depending on the homesite. 

Is this a traditional condo?

The homesites in this community are detached condominiums with limited common area (LCA). You would be purchasing the house itself, with deeded rights to use the LCA the home sits on, but the Condo Association will own the land. Unlike traditional (attached) condos, each homeowner will be responsible for all maintenance of the entire exterior and interior of their house.

Who is the builder?

The Seller is River Run, LLC, which is a partnership of the developer and the builder. Outside of this community, the builder's company is Trendezza.

Does each homesite have a pre-determined house plan?

No, buyers can choose which house plan they want on any particular vacant homesite. In some cases there may be restrictions in terms of the building envelope, but most homesites can accommodate any of our house plans.

*The information provided herein is for informational and marketing purposes only, and is subject to change without notice at any time. Last updated 2/9/24.
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